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About Kent Holder

Kent Holder, managing member of Kent Holder Homes LLC, founded his home building business in 2002. All of Kent's home strive to maintain the highest standards and practices of residential construction. Kent is a job site active contractor who's hands on approach, work ethic and attention to detail from the design stage to move in to warranty has earned him the respect of his peers, industry professionals and clients alike. 

Kent is a lifelong Missouri resident who began working as a residential designer and draftsman in the Nixa-Springfield area in 1992 after completing his college degree. Kent had intentions of being an Architect, however home-building proved to be a genetic endeavor and Kent soon became a 3rd generation home-builder. Fast growing Christian County became the perfect springboard to begin his career.

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Kent builds for all generations from the entry level to a retired couples dream home. Currently Kent Holder Homes is producing homes from $160,000 to $450,000 price range. Many homes are in existing subdivisions with lakes, neighborhood pools, and special topography like walking trails and community buildings.

Kent gives a lot of credit to his pool of subcontractors, many of them have been working with Kent since his business began. "All of us strive to deliver exceptional craftsmanship and prompt service. We will stand behind our work. We promise a home of exceptional value tailored to your needs, reasonably priced and well constructed-a home built to last."

Contact Kent anytime if you are considering building or buying a new home. Kent's personable at ease approach will make the home-building process an enjoyable experience.

​Phone: (417) 225-8820

413 W. Everwood Way. 

Nixa MO 65714

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